Scraplift Challenge Inspiration

On page 88 of Issue 4 we have a fantastic Scraplift challenge. The fantastic Clare Buswell has provided us with some fabulous inspiration with her beautiful card:

image of card here

We want you to be inspired by this card and create a project for the challenge. Scraplifting is the art of borrowing or “lifting” an idea or concept from another scrapbooker/cardmaker. You can copy the layout, colours and themes of the project and adapt it in any way you wish.

Personally my favourite way to approach a scraplift challenge is to look at the image to be scraplifted for approximately 30 seconds. I then turn away from the image and sketch out what I can remember from the project including layout and colours. I may end up forgetting some elements or sketching it out slightly differently. I then use this sketch to base my scraplift off of.

Timi and I have both created an inspiration project for the scraplift below….

Timi created this fantastic scrapbook layout. If you compare it to Clare’s card you can see where she has used similar layout and elements – circles and flowers. You can also see how she has substituted the ribbon for some leaves and so on. Fantastic job Timi!

I created the card below. I went for a clean and simple one layered look while trying to capture the elements I remembered from Clare’s card. I inked the background, I used a circle die to help ink out a light circle and I use a feather stamp as my flourishes. I stamped the sentiment directly onto the card.

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One thought on “Scraplift Challenge Inspiration

  1. rk

    I am a crafter in USA that stumbled upon your magazine/blog. I like your monthly magazine as it is simple to read and lots of good tips/eye candy for crafters. I just want to know how we can “save” the magazine as a pdf or something for future reference. I don’t want to print that colorful magazine as it uses up a lot of ink on my home printer 🙂 Thanks and keep up the good work.

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