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Today Krissy (These Boots Were Made For Blogging)  is going to show us how to recycle envelopes and create a mini album with them.

Krissy says:

“I love mini-albums.  And mini-albums that have lots of little pockets and flaps are my absolute favorite.  So, I am always looking for new ways to create them; and I wanted to share this idea using everyday household envelopes.  It has so many little pockets that I was in mini-album heaven!”


What you will need:

  • 5 standard business-sized envelopes ( 4 1/8 by 9 ½ inches)
  • My Mind’s Eye Papers from the Follow Your Heart Collection;
  • My Mind’s Eye Tags from the Indie Chic Collection;
  • Kraft Tags;
  • Antique Linen Distress Ink;
  • Various other tags, twine, buttons, brads, etc; and
  • Cardboard for mini-album cover

Tip: Any size envelope will work, though, although you will need to adjust your measurements depending on the size you use.

Step 1

First, I sealed all the envelopes shut.  Then I cut off each of the short ends so that each envelope measured 9 inches long with an opening on each side.  Next, I scored each envelope at the three inch mark and made a fold on the scored line so that I had a three inch flap folded over onto a longer 6 inch back.

Step 2

After all five of my envelopes were cut, scored and folded – I put glue on the top of the three inch flap to one envelope and adhered it to the back six inch piece of the next envelope.  I made sure to line up the folded spines of each envelope when I glued them together so they were even.  When I finished, each page had a small pocket from the small 3 inch section glued to the larger 6 inch section – like this:

There is also a larger pocket at the end of each 6 inch page.

Step 3

Once all of your envelopes are glued together, you have a basic album.  Now it is time to start decorating it.  Because my envelopes are not very sturdy, it is important to make sure thicker papers are used for decoration.  This will help to prevent the envelope album from tearing when pictures and tags are inserted into the pockets.

To strengthen and decorate my pages with the small pockets, I cut my first piece of patterned paper to 4 by 6 inches.  I then put glue on the back of my patterned paper and slid it into the small pocket.  The end of the paper should line up with the end of the page.

Tip: I inked the edges of my envelopes to help conceal any areas in which my patterned papers and the envelope backgrounds didn’t perfectly line up.

Once the longer piece of paper is glued in place, I cut a 3 inch piece for the “top” of the pocket, so that my finished page looks something like this:

And now I am ready to go onto my next page.

Step 4

To create flaps for several of the pockets at the ends of my pages, I cut a piece of paper to fit inside the pocket and glued it down, similar to the small pockets in Step 3; however, I left part of the patterned paper extended past the page.  I simply folded the patterned paper over to make a flap that could be closed.  The great thing about flaps is that you can make them any length, which is perfect if you need additional room to fit just one more photo.  In this picture, see how the patterned paper is coming out of the pocket at the end of the page and is folded into a large flap that is kept closed with a photo turn.

Step 5

Once the pages all have paper added to them, it’s time to make the cover.  I used a cardboard postal box, which is the perfect thickness for a mini-album cover.  I opened up my mini and placed it on top of the cardboard box.  I then traced an outline that was approximately 1 inch wider and 2 inches longer than my album.  After I cut the cardboard shape out, I scored and folded it at the 6 ½ and 7 ½ inch lines.

This provided a nice 1 inch spine to my cover.  I glued the back of my envelope mini-album to the back of the cover, making sure the “spine” of my envelopes was flush against the spine of the cover.  When covering the cardboard with papers, I used two separate sheets of paper for the front and back and then added a third separate piece of paper for the spine, which allows it a little more “give” when opening and closing the album cover.

Step 6

Now that the cover and the patterned papers have been added, I was able to work on the most fun, albeit most time consuming, part – decorating my album!  I used all sorts of little pieces of ephemera and picture after picture after picture.  This is the end result:

Here is a tiny mini-book I made, which I inserted into the large pocket at the end of the right page.

And here is the page that has the large flap closure.  When the flap is closed, it looks like this:

It is opened to reveal not one, but two pockets, each with tags that contain even more pictures. (Note:  I glued along three edges of an extra piece of paper and placed it on top of my original pocket to create the second pocket).

I hope you liked this mini album, if you try this album share it with us on our Facebook page.

Happy Crafting,

Crafting Ireland Team

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  1. Beautiful and inspiring tag book

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  5. Absolutely gorgeous, Krissy!

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