Digital Layout tutorial – Eve Louw

Hi everyone,

Today Eve is going to show us a great tutorial on a wonderful digital layout.

Product she used:

*Paper is Webster’s pages Digital range

*Photoshop (you can also use photoshop elements)


Start off by opening your files that you would like to use in your project. (Go to File,

open and select the files and press open.)


Make sure your page is the right size that you would like your project to be, I selected a 8”x8” as that is the size the album will be printed in.


I always arange all the open files so I can see them all and deside where I would like to begin. I selected the blue pattern as my base page and will drag and drop all the other elements one by one on there.


I would drag one element on and place it where I like it to be on the base page, the fun starts by arranging them once they are all one the page. (all you do is just click and move them around until you are happy where they are places)


The next step is to place your image in your layout. When you pull your image onto your layout, be sure that the image layer is under the other Elements on your page that way it blends in nicely.


Looking at my layout the Blue background is just to dominating, so to change or lighten it a bit I did the following.

-Created a NEW LAYER

-Fill that layer with a colour that would suite the layout


Change the opacity at the top of the layer bar to lighten and that create a effect that you can still see the bottom layer.


Adding Text To you Project

On your side bar select the ‘T’ icon, that is for your text, click on you project and you can write your heading or journal  a bit.

To change the font, you select all your text and go to the top bar  and change to the desired font.


To change the Font size you can select all your text and change it at the top bar.

OR you can change it manually by pressing ‘CTL T’ this will selt your text to  ‘free transform’ I prefer this way so I can control the size of the text.

You then just pull from the side to the desired size.

STEP 10:

You select the colour of your font at the top bar. (same place where you change your size and Font)

If you would like a colour that would suite perfect with your project you can personally select a colour from your project by clicking on the colour block in your top tool bar, a colour menu will open and you can pick your colour with the colour picker.


When you are done with your project you have to flatten all the layers in your project,

Save your project under File and Save as, this way you can rename your file to the desired name.

There you go as easy as that.

It is a fantastic layout, I hope you liked it too.

Happy Crafting,

Crafting Ireland Team

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