Change of Dates

We just wanted to let you all know about a slight change of our dates for the rest of this year and then for next year. This year in order to not be working over Christmas we have slightly changed the time between our October and November issues and pushed Issue 15 from December over to January. So you can expect to see:

  • Issue 14 0n the 12th November
  • Issue 15 on the 1st January

Then starting from January rather than being ever 6 weeks we will be publishing every 8 weeks. This is so that we can allow ourselves and the DT to have a bit more time to create the best and most inspiring projects that we can for you all!

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2 thoughts on “Change of Dates

  1. sabrina bowden

    hi im just wondering how you go about putting an add in your mag its for a craft shop in in laois do you charge for the add and how much thank you Jackie Mitchell

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