New Year Invitation- Sue O’Connell

Hi Everyone,

Are you ready for the New Year? Here is a quick tutorial from Sue, our DT member.


What you will need:

  • Computer with Microsoft Word 2010
  • A4 paper no less than 80gsm
  • WOW ‘Call Me’ stamps or other word stamp
  • White ink pad
  • Pinflair glue or other dimension building glue.
  • Piece of white cardstock for the decoupage

There are hundreds of templates out there, some you pay for, others are free.  I chose one you can download free from Microsoft.

Go onto the Microsoft website and follow this tag

– Microsoft downloads

– add ons for home and office

– word-invitations

This should bring up about 3 pages of invitations of all different kinds.


Look for the ‘join the celebration’ in green and blue.  Download this by following the instructions and it will go straight into word.  Change the text

Click word art tools situated in the upper right corner of the screen

– click file on the left corner and up comes edit text

– a box opens to allow you to change the text

– put what text you wish in there. (I’ve changed it from Join the celebration to come to our NY Eve party)


Once the words are done right click the box with the words in and select shape fill.  This allows you to change the colour of the text.

Change the picture by:

1. Right click on the picture. From the list click format picture. This allows you to change things within the picture.  Click on picture colour and choose what you want.  The picture will change straight away.  Then go to the smaller balloon further down the screen and right click this doing exactly as above to change the colour.



2. Click the words next to the small balloon.  You can change the text and colour by the underlined A in the home tab at the top of the screen.


I then printed another invite out and sprayed this with mica spray, heat dry and stamped some words onto the top of the balloons with a white ink pad.  I then cut them out, inked around the edge and decoupage them onto the balloons on the invite.

You could keep altering the invite to suite yourself, or just leave it as you have printed it. Simple but effective and time saving invites for a special occasion.



Let us see what you have done through our Facebook page.

Happy Crafting,

Crafting Ireland Team





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