Easy Hand Traced Valentines with the Kids! – Robin Funge

Hi everybody,

Today  we are going to share a Valentine’s day idea that you can create with your kids.

Robin says:

“Need a quick and easy craft for you and the kids in February? How about these fun hand tracings, perfect for family and friends. The kids will love to see their hand tracing make a heart shape in the the centre and it makes a super sweet card to give away!”

What you will need:

Plain piece of coloured card



Colours to decorate

A little one’s hand to trace


Step 1

Fold a piece of plain white or coloured card in half.


Step 2

Have the little one put their hand down on the paper with the thumb and first finger along the folded side and trace with a pencil. This is what shapes the heart centre!

Step 3

Cut along your pencil line while folded and then unfold for your super sweet handprints with heart centre!




Step 4

Lastly, your little one can now decorate as they please!!



If you try this fabulous idea, share it with us on our Facebook page.


Happy Crafting,

Crafting Ireland Team



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One thought on “Easy Hand Traced Valentines with the Kids! – Robin Funge

  1. I think this is my favorite Valentine card idea of all time!!! Can’t wait for next Valentine’s Day to make it with my niece.

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