Altered Egg Box – Katya Ivanova

Hi Everyone,

Are you ready for some Easter inspiration? In the coming two weeks we will show you some Easter projects created by our fantastic DT.

Today’s project is by Katya and it is a fabulous egg box for keeping those lovely Easter eggs.

What you will need:

  • empty egg box
  • ribbons
  • tag
  • round corner punch
  • leaf punch
  • raffia
  • stamps
  • butterfly
  • self adhesive pearls
  • patterned paper
  • flowers
  • brad
  • button

Step 1
Gather all materials. I like to use three colours for every project, I think it’s not as boring as using just two but not as overpowering as using four. Purple, green and yellow are one of my favourite colour combinations.


Step 2
Measure the lid of an egg box and cut out two squares, one measuring the same as the lid and the second one 5mm less. For the egg box I picked a lovely green one, that doesn’t need anything done with it. Alternatively if you have a white one, you can paint it with acryllic paint or decoupage it or glue bits of book pages onto it or stamp the background etc.


Step 3
Round off the edges of patterned papers so they exactly follow the natural shape of the box.


Step 4
Wrap some raffia around my hand.


Step 5
To hold it in place and stop it from unwrapping I staple it together.


Step 6
Start adding the embellishments, I like putting 2 flowers together.


Step 7
Using a brad fix the two flowers together.


Step 8
Tie a ribbon around the box, to give it extra security I put a few strips of double sided tape in few places.


Step 9
Using a ready made tag or a handmade one stamp the sentiment onto it and tie it to the ribbon.



And this is the finished Decorated Egg box!


We hope you liked this idea, we will share more Easter inspiration in the coming days. Watch this space.

Happy Crafting,

Crafting Ireland Team


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2 thoughts on “Altered Egg Box – Katya Ivanova

  1. This could easily be used as a little treasure box or an earring holder. Very cute.

  2. Lovely idea.

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