Summer Fun Beach Tag Mini Album – Abby Henderson

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Today DT member Abby is going to share a fantastic tag book tutorial in summer theme. For more ideas from Abby, check out her blog

Step 1

First I gathered all the supplies and materials that I wanted to use for this project. Since crafting is such a creative process I added additional items and omitted some that you see in the photoStep 1.

Step 2

To start with I created the tag front and back cover by using a Kraft tag. I made a score mark at 1″ from the bottom edge of the tag.

Step 2 Pic 2

This creates a book like fold so you can flip through the mini.

Step 2 Pic 1

Step 3

In this step I’ll show you how I created my tags for the pages that go in the mini. I wanted some texture so I used some corrugated card stock . As a template for the tags I used the Kraft tag and a few others in different sizes.

Step 3 Pic 1

Now that the tags are cut to the sizes I want, I used my Kraft tag as a template to snip the corners. Some of the paper I chose was single sided, so I cut another piece of card stock to make it double sided and I used some Scor-tape to seal them together.

Step 3 Pic 2

Here you can see the completed tag pages. I scored the completed tags at 1″ as I did my covers so they too would bend easily in the mini.

Step 3 Pic 7

Step 4

I die cut a fence from some banana paper for my cover. Since it’s a beach themed mini I wanted the look of a weathered wood fence you’d find on the beach.

Step 4

Step 5

I wanted to add some texture to some of my tag pages so I used some modeling paste and mixed in some Alcohol Ink for color.

Step 5 Pic 1

I spread the colored modeling paste on a stencil directly onto the selected tags.

Step 5 Pic 2

Step 6

I used some Distress Ink to color my hole reinforcements so they would match the color scheme of the mini.

Step 6

Step 7

I wanted to add some wood elements so I used some chalk ink on my wood word sentiment.

Step 7 Pic 1

For additional texture I added some craft paint to the edges.

Step 7 Pic 2

Step 8

For the final steps of creating the construction of the tag mini, I took some twine and cut it into strips. I put some eyelets on the front and back cover tags for extra stability then I simply pulled the twine through each set of tags after I punched holes in them.

Step 8 Pic 2

To secure the tag mini I tied each set of twine strips in a double knot.

Step 8 Pic 4

For the rest of the tag mini I just simply had fun by adding embellishments, trims, metals and photo mats . You can really let your creativity flow when working on a mini like this. Below I have some additional photos of the completed Summer Fun Beach Tag Mini. I can’t wait to fill this up with my summer family photos.

Final Pic 1

Final Pic 2

Final Pic 3

Final Pic 7

Final Pic 8

We hope you got inspired by this fabulous tagbook and will create one for yourself and fill it with summer memories.

Thanks to Abby for this fantastic project.

Happy Crafting,

Crafting Ireland Team

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One thought on “Summer Fun Beach Tag Mini Album – Abby Henderson

  1. Love the colors and using that modeling paste was a fantastic way to add texture. Just a great mini book.

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