Fridge magnet with sticky notebook – Katya Ivanova

Hi everyone,

Today is Katya’s turn to show us a fantastic little project for the home.

This is what she said:

“Are you always looking for a scrap of paper to jot down something important or to make your shopping list? Well look no more, because today I am going to show you how to make a fridge magnet with a sticky note block.”


Materials required:
sticky note block
some thick cardboard or chipboard
patterned paper
die cut
cotton lace

Step 1
Cut out the base of our magnet from some thick cardboard/ chipboard. Iu sed the cardstock that was left over from a printer box. I cut the
base 1cm wider than the note block,  then I put the die cut where I approximately wanted it and added a few more cm to the length.

Step 2
Cover the front of the magnet with double sided tape, glue it to the back of patterned paper. Then I cut of the corners of the paper and go over the outline of the base with score tool to make sure we get a nice crease. Then glue the edges to the base.
Step 3
Now onto decorating of the front part. I cut of a scalloped circle to use as focal point, but depending on what your focal point is you can use a circle, oval, frames, photo etc.
Step 4
Lay your details where you want them.
Step 5
I want to use a little white chipboard house as embellishment but I only have one that is a very unattractive brown colour. So I trace the
house on a thick piece of cardstock (mine was a Lidl rice box, that chipboard is so thick and solid!)
Step 6
Cut out the house and cover it with 2-3 coats of white acrylic paint.
Step 7
Distress the chipboard with distress ink. I have used Vintage Photo.
Stamp the sentiment at the bottom of the scalloped circle. I do itvnow, as later I am going to put the chipboard house on foam dots.
Step 9
Using hot glue gun I glue the die cut leaf and flowers onto the magnet.
step 10
Now onto the back of the magnet,  we need some patterned paper and magnets.
Step 11
We need to cut out patterned paper measuring 5mm less than the base.


Step 12

I am using fridge magnets that come free with some children’s yogurt.

My sister very kindly gave me all her doubles.


Step 13
I used 3 magnets as the note block was quiet heavy.

Step 14
And here is the finished project. Something you can use and something that would be a good housewarming gift.


This is great!! We hope you like it too.

Happy Crafting,

Crafting Ireland

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