Guest post: Spring Super-Star

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Today we have another guest post from Kajsa Kinsella from The Northern Shores. Kajsa is from Sweden originally and is an avid crafter and baker. She has lived in county Wicklow since 2013. She runs her Northern-inspired Bakery and Craft Business from here and also teaches various crafts to adults and children.

Kajsa is going to show us a lovely tutorial today on making a Spring Super-Star.


What you will need:

  • Turquoise Blue, Apple Green, Light Pink and Sun Yellow Card Stock
  • Matching Patterned Paper – I used The Country Diary of an Edwardian Lady” by Rowena Stott
  • White Card Stock
  • Regular Scissors & patterned craft scissors
  • Ink pads
  • Spring inspired Stamps
  • Matching Gems
  • Glue stick & PVA Glue
  • Tweezers, Thin Paint Brush and Hole Punch
  • Ribbon

Step 1

There are a good few rectangles used in this project, so keep them in neat separate piles-this gives you have a good overview and can you easily see which one to use next. With a regular scissors or a paper guillotine, cut out eight large rectangles of card-two of each colour, measuring 21cm long by10cm wide. Fold each one in half neatly and press firmly on the fold to make it crisp.

We then cut the medium size rectangles with a patterned craft scissors out of pretty paper-these should measure 18cm long by 8.5cm wide. Fold these as well.

Now cut the smaller size pieces out of the same card stock as before-they should measure 14cm wide and 7.5cm wide and should have straight sides and fold.

Finally, we switch to white card stock and cut out rectangles, again using the craft scissors which measure 10cm by 4.5cm. Fold the same way again.


Step 2

Open up one rectangle each of the three coloured sizes and glue them together as you can see in the picture-But-ONLY glue the top parts together-not the entire square or you won`t be able to open up your star later. Keep going and make eight of those one-sided star pieces, then leave them aside to dry for a while.

2Step 3

Now we come to the fun part-Beautifying! Take the smallest white rectangles, choose some cheery, spring-inspired stamps and go to town in decorating them. I have listed the ones I used and I stamped with green, yellow, turquoise and pink ink. Attach one side of the rectangle to the layer of three and let dry. 3

Step 4

Find some matching small gems, hold them with a tweezers, dab on some PVA glue with the paintbrush and place them on the stamped images. It`s gorgeous!

4 4-1

Step 5

Then we’ll glue the other side closed-don`t be tempted to glue both sides at the same time-the parts will slide apart and glue that isn’t where it’s supposed to be, is indeed very messy! Complete all eight and leave to dry.


Step 6

Here comes the assembly part-check the eight star parts and make sure all sides are straight and neat-the care you take now to make sure all is aligned will certainly pay off later. So, now we glue the parts together back to back as you can see on the picture. Let dry again thoroughly. Do not glue the first and the last side together.


Step 7

Complete your star by holding the first and the last side together-isn`t it amazing! Punch a single hole through both layers-you might need to take one side at a time-eight layers of card might be a little tough to pierce in one go! 7

Step 8

Cut a piece of a cheerful ribbon, fold in half and push through both holes. Make a loop, tie the ends together and hang it up where the sun shines on it. So simple and yet so beautiful!

8 Cross-1 Cross-2


We hope you enjoyed this fun tutorial from Kajsa. It’s a beautiful spring time project but is very versatile as it could be changed to suit any season or event!

Happy Crafting,

The Crafting Ireland Team

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