Altered Paintbrush

I recently did a swap with a friend that involved altering paintbrushes. I have seen these altered paintbrushes before and thought it looked like so much fun. We set no theme, just whatever we wanted/were inspired by. I took a few photos of my creative process and thought I would share them here so you can see how easy it is to alter a paintbrush.

Step 1

Cover the paint brush with a few light coats of gesso. I used a plastic handled paint brush so it was a little bit more difficult than a wooden one but it still worked out perfectly.

step 1step 2

I covered the bristles in the gesso also, I wanted to add paint to them and wanted the paint to keep its true colour.
step 3

Step 2

Paint the brush with your paint colour choice. I used teal paint on mine and painted half way down the bristles. I also added some pink at the bottom of the bristles to make it look like the brush had been dipped in pink.step 4

Step 3

I stamped all over the brush handle with a crackle stamp.step 5

Step 4

I added some blue crackle paint to places on my brush.

step 6

Step 5

I also added clear rock candy paint over the top of this to make it look like there were fine cracks all over the brush.step 7

Step 6

I took some grungboard shapes and painted and inked them up.step 8

On some of the shapes I added the blue crackle paint over the top and then when dry smeared on some black ink to tone it back down a bit. You can see the before on the right wing and the after on the left.step 9

Step 7

I added all my elements onto the brush using a strong wet glue, but hot glue would work great too.

complete 1

complete 2

complete 3

complete 4

I hope you enjoyed this tutorial and that you feel inspired to alter your own paint brush too – reusing items in new ways is fun!

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  1. Lovely idea. X

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