Altered Memory Binder

Hi All,

Nicole here today to share a easy project that will allow you to gather up all those little things you hold on to as memories – but without having to scrapbook/project life them.

What you will need:

  • A5 binder
  • Gesso & paint
  • Stamps &  embellishments
  • Cardstock to make envelopes – or else you can make your own as I did
  • Memories – cards, notes, concert tickets etc

Step 1

I covered my binder in a layer of gesso to prime it inside and outside.

pic 1Step 2

I then painted the binder blue – again inside and out side. pic 4Step 3

I stamped all over the binder to add some interest to it. I then cut a panel of paper for on the front. I heavily distressed this bit of paper.pic 5Step 4

I covered the spine of the binder in some lighter paper. The lighter pattern on this will allow me to record on the spine what is inside the folder.

pic 6Step 5

I used my envelope punch board to make a bunch of envelopes in different sizes for in my binder. I used papers from the same collection to match my cover.pic 2pic 3Step 6

Using embellishment tags from the paper collection I ‘labeled’ my envelopes. I then punched holes in each envelope so that they could fit into the binder. I then filled them with things like notes, records of rock climbs done etc. Lots of things that mean something, that you don’t want to throw out but would like stored in a neater way than just stuffed in a junk drawer somewhere!pic 7 Step 7

I used some off-cuts from making the envelopes to act as section dividers in the binder. I did not worry about the dividers being full size or very clear, it is just a rough way to catagorise the items in the binder.pic 8

Step 8

I also created some pockets on the inside cover for some larger items that would not fit in envelopes. I made the pocket using a sheet of the patterned paper. I then stuck another envelope on top of the pocket to give me even more space. The pocket mostly holds little drawings, A5 leaflets etc.

pic 10Step 9

Fill in all the envelops/sections. For the birthday cards that I put in I just punched holes in them directly and clipped them straight into the binder.pic 9Here is the cover finished….I will fill in the date range on the items in the binder on the little remember embellishment. I will list what is in the binder on the spine.pic 11


I hope you liked this simple way to gather together all those little memories without having to do a lot of work with them all!

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2 thoughts on “Altered Memory Binder

  1. I love this idea. Who doesn’t have a few empty binders from classes that are just waiting for something to be done with them besides collecting dust. 😉 My eye was drawn to the “Dalkey climbing notes” tag. My sister and I worked at Our Lady’s Manor MANY years ago while traveling around Ireland and Europe. We had a little flat in Sandycove and lived there for a couple of months. We had the most memorable Christmas there and are still in touch with people we met. What memories!

  2. Hi Nicole,
    I love the art of different themed and designed enveloppes when rhey are stamped, altered and inspired by scrapbookpapers to put all together.
    I’ve also ordered an enveloppe punch here in the Netherlands.
    Thanx for always sharing all your ideas also from the past issues

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