Beeswax Journalling Page

Hi all,

Nicole here today to share a journal page using oil pastels and beeswax!

Step 1

I covered my journal pages with a thick layer of gesso and used a texture tool to imprint a curved pattern into the gesso all over the page.

Step 2

I then used water soluble oil pastels to colour my page. I just scribbled the pastels onto the page. The texture on the page caught the pastels and gave great shading onto the page.pic 1 pic 2 pic 3 Step 3

I blended my pastels using water. My first coat came out very pale so I repeated the process of scribbling on the pastels and blending a second time.pic 4 Step 4

I added more colour in places to highlight the texture on the page. I just blended with my finger this time.pic 5 You can see a more true colour shot here – I had to go to the sun shining in the window to capture this. You can also see the texture nicely here too!pic 6 Step 5

I layered some stamping on a piece of white tissue paper. I placed this on a non stick craft sheet and sprinkled some beeswax pelets on top of it.pic 7 I then heated this to melt the wax to end up with a transulcent embellishment for my page. I peeled this off the non stick sheet when the wax had cooled – be careful at this stage!pic 8 Step 6

I stuck my translucent sheet to my journal page by simply putting it down in place and reheating it to remelt the wax. This adhered it to the page perfectly and kept the translucence.pic 9 Step 7

I randomly stamped some stamps on my page using stayz on ink. I also spritzed on some pearl glimmer mist which you can just about make out in the image below. I had to heat set this as the water based spray wanted to bead up and sit on top of the oil pastels.

Note: Usually when you heat set oil pastels the oil sinks into the paper and you can work on top of them without this problem. However because I put gesso under mine the oil could not sink in. But when I heat set the spray it gets ‘sealed’ in by the oil when it melts and sets again.pic 10 Step 8

I stamped a sentiment onto some canvas paper. I used watercolours to colour this to match my page.pic 11 Step 9

I stamped some splatters over the sentiment, but stamped off most of the ink on a scrap of paper first as I wanted a very faint effect.pic 12 Step 10

I cut my sentiment out and distressed up the edges a lot!pic 13 Step 11

I backed my sentiment onto a piece of black card torn down to size. I stamped some tickets and used watercolours to match the colour to the page and then distress them further.pic 14And there you have it, my complete page. The image below shows the full page, but the colours are a bit off. My light box doesn’t fit my journal so I have to try to improvise on the photos of it and this one was a bit hard to capture!

I love the look that the beeswax element gives on the page, it allows all the colour and texture to come through and seems to have captured the bird on branch in the middle of it!


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4 thoughts on “Beeswax Journalling Page

  1. artsociatejean

    So wonderful! May I share this?

  2. Very pretty journal page, and TFS so many techniques. Love it!

  3. rhorasanian

    Very pretty. Thanks for sharing.

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