Garden Mini Book-Abby Henderson

Hi all, we have the lovely Abby here with us today to share a really beautiful garden mini book project with you all….

What you will need:

  • Scor-pal
  • Sprays/Glimmer Mists (colors of your choice)
  • Cardstock-patterned paper
  • Distress Tool
  • Distress Ink
  • Ribbons/Trims of your choice
  • Garden themed embellishments
  • Flowers
  • Heat tool
  • Gesso-water (to create the whitewash look)
  • Adhesive of your choice
  • Additional embellishments of your choice

This is a garden themed mini book I created that has some pull out tabs for additional photos and/or journaling.

Step 1

After selecting the paper I wanted to use for my book cover, I cut the paper into two 4 ¼ x 11 pieces.

Step 1 Pic 1

Since I wanted to create a whitewash effect on the cover and inside, I made a mix Gesso and water and used my heat tool to dry the paper.

Step 1 Pic 2 Now to make the score marks for the folds I need. I used my Scor-pal and made score marks at 3” & 8”.

Step 1 Pic 3Flipping the paper over I made one last score mark at 5 ½”.

Step 1 Pic 4

Step 2

Once I had all of my score marks on both strips of paper, I applied Scor-tape to one end flap and secured them together to create one long accordion fold.

Step 2 Pic 1Now it’s time to make the slits for the tabs, you’ll make these on the shorter center pages. You can use your trimmer for this step but I chose to use my ruler and craft knife. I measured 1″ in from the top and 1″ from the bottom and made my slit on the 2 1/4″ section that was left in between those marks. In the next photo you’ll see where the slits are by the paper I stuck through them just as a visual.

Step 2 Pic 2 Step 2 Pic 3

Step 3

To make the two tabs, you’ll take some additional card stock and cut two pieces 3″ x 2 3/4″. Cut away 1/4″ from each side leaving a tab at the top.

Step 3 Pic 1To make sure your slits and tabs fit properly, I put them in before proceeding to the next step, this way I could make any necessary adjustments before the pages were adhered together.

Step 3 Pic 2

Step 4

Once I knew my tabs fit perfectly, I used more Scor-tape to adhere the pages together.

Step 4 Pic 1You’ll do this for the additional tab page you created. Once everything is put together, you’ll have the base of your mini book with the tabs that pull out perfectly.

Step 4 Pic 2

After the book was assembled, I gathered all of my ribbons and other embellishments to complete the book. This is where creative play comes in, my favorite part. This is a quick and easy project to create that you can customize to fit whatever occasion you need.

You can see the gorgeous completed album below….

Final Pic 1 Final Pic 2 Final Pic 3 Final Pic 4 Final Pic 5 Final Pic 6 Final Pic 7 Final Pic 8


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