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Hi everyone,

This is Timi here today and I will share  my ’10-step catch up in Project Life’ workflow.

I’m sure it is the same with everyone. We are all so enthusiastic about project life when the new year comes, but then life gets busy and we hardly find any time to sit down and fill those plastic pockets.

I can admit that I had my project life done up to Week 7 and since only week 10 and no more. So that is about 13-14 weeks of Project Life material to process.

I do project life in a very relaxed way, I don’t stick to a full spread every week. And for this reason I purchased 1 full box of design A and a full box of mixed design page protectors. The smaller page protectors come in handy when I only have a few photos for a week.

So this is how I approached this 13-14 this time.

Step 1

Look through all the sources of photos: cameras, phones tablets etc… I always ask my BF to share his photos with me, so I can have a good browse and see if there’s anything I want to use.

Step 2

I put photos from each week into separate folders on my computer. When I’m not too busy I spend some time on planning a spread, but this time I just processed everything in Lightroom. All the landscape pictures were printed in 4×6 or 4×4. All the portrait pictures on 3×4.  I usually send them over to Snapfish and get them printed there.

Step 3

Gather all the memorabilia: tickets, receipts, maps, business cards, packaging etc… I found that the best way for me is to keep them all in a box and just put a little piece of post it on them with date or a small bit of journalling.

Step 4

When my photos arrive in the post I cut the smaller photos out and write the week number on the back and pile them up week by week.

Step 5

I organise my PL cards and take all my 6×6 paper pack out. I like to arrange them into little piles by colour, this makes it easy for me to mix and match the cards I want to use.

Step 6

Depending on the amount of photos I have for the week I insert pocket pages. Sometimes it is a small insert page and other times it is a full double page spread. This time I found that I only had very few pictures from week 13 to week 15, so I decided to include all into one spread. I will then adjust a title page accordingly.

Step 7

Place the photos into the pockets and fill them with some PL cards. I often find that the photos don’t really coordinate in colour. My solution is to mat all the photos onto coordinating patterned paper or cardstock and use the same colours for embellishing too.

Step 8

Create the title cards. Here is how I made 5 title cards in just a few minutes. This idea will result in similar title cards but it is easy to coordinate them with the colour scheme of the page with adding the numbers and dates in different colours.

  • Take a piece of cardstock and some book paper ( I got a book from the charity shop that had white paper)


  • Using gel medium adhere all the book papers to the cardstock


  • When it’s dry cut it into 4×6 pieces


  • Using a round brush and india ink hand write the word ‘week’ or ‘wk’ on the individual cards.


  • Add letter stickers or numbers to finish the title card.

Step 9

Add journalling cards, labels, tags. Anything that you want to put your journalling on. I prefer to hand write my journalling, I find it a lot quicker.

I always keep a  lined notebook handy, this way I can create my journalling card just in a minute, just back the piece of notepad with some cardstock or patterned paper.

Step 10

Embellish the pages. If you feel behind and really want to catch up with your project life try and go clean and simple. You can use washi tape and enamel dots, they are quick to add some interest to a page.


So this is how I approached my catch up in my Project Life and I managed to do it all in about a week working only one or two hours with it at a time. Being caught up is a bit overrated, but I find it very satisfying when I am mostly up to date with my Project life. I don’t stick strictly to any rules with my Project Life, I found it a lot less stressful when I take every week as they are. If there aren’t many photos or just a small bit of journalling, that is also OK with me.

Share your PL adventure with us and let us know what tricks you use to keep up with your Project Life.

Happy Crafting,

Crafting Ireland Team

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