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Hi everyone,

It is Timi here today, and I am bringing you and idea on Project Life inserts. I have recently made my first trip overseas, we visited a friend in Toronto. I wanted to document this in my PL album. I decided to use a 8.5 x 11″ page protector and I was inspired by all the square shaped Instagram photos.

What you will need:

  • photos printed in 4×4″, 2×2″
  • patterned paper
  • cardstock
  • PL cards
  • embellishments


Step 1

Print and cut out all the photos you want to use.


Step 2

The first page of the insert is the title page. Arrange the photos into a grid composition on a lightly patterned paper. Cut a 3×4 PL card down to 3×3 to match the square shapes.


Step 3

Add embellishment and stamp the date.


Step 4

Do the same to the back of the insert. Arrange all the photos on a cardstock and add a PL card that was cut to 3×3″ size. Use this card as the journalling spot. To connect the two pages together add a strip of patterned paper to the edge of the cardstock.



I didn’t want to over embellish these pages, because there is a lot going on them anyway. For some more visual interest I used two pictures of two high buildings and cut the photos into two 2×2″ pieces. I added them to my pages like this.

This was a very quick way to document a whole trip, so it is well fitted to the Project Life ethos.

I hope you try something similar in your albums,

Happy Crafting,

Crafting Ireland Team


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