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Mixed media layers on layouts – Andrea Kovacs

Hi everyone,

Today it is Andrea‘s turn to show you a little mixed media technique.

What you will need:

  • Sizzix dies
  • Patterned Papers
  • Mists
  • Strips of fabric
  • gesso
  • chipboard shapes


Step 1

Cut your photo to desired size and shape.



Step 2

Mark the place of the photo on the cardstock that will be your background.


Step 3

Adhere pieces of fabric to the cardstock around the pencil marks.

DSCF5005 (2)


Step 4

Spray some mist on the fabric and cardstock.


Step 5

Cut strips of patterned paper and start layering them on the top of the fabric.


Step 6

Take a stencil and apply gesso here and there on the page.


Step 7

Add some embellishment, the photo and your title. And there you have a fantastic mixed media filled scrapbook page!!




We hope you liked this tutorial and will give it a go.


Happy Crafting,

Crafting Ireland Team

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Beeswax Journalling Page

Hi all,

Nicole here today to share a journal page using oil pastels and beeswax!

Step 1

I covered my journal pages with a thick layer of gesso and used a texture tool to imprint a curved pattern into the gesso all over the page.

Step 2

I then used water soluble oil pastels to colour my page. I just scribbled the pastels onto the page. The texture on the page caught the pastels and gave great shading onto the page.pic 1 pic 2 pic 3 Step 3

I blended my pastels using water. My first coat came out very pale so I repeated the process of scribbling on the pastels and blending a second time.pic 4 Step 4

I added more colour in places to highlight the texture on the page. I just blended with my finger this time.pic 5 You can see a more true colour shot here – I had to go to the sun shining in the window to capture this. You can also see the texture nicely here too!pic 6 Step 5

I layered some stamping on a piece of white tissue paper. I placed this on a non stick craft sheet and sprinkled some beeswax pelets on top of it.pic 7 I then heated this to melt the wax to end up with a transulcent embellishment for my page. I peeled this off the non stick sheet when the wax had cooled – be careful at this stage!pic 8 Step 6

I stuck my translucent sheet to my journal page by simply putting it down in place and reheating it to remelt the wax. This adhered it to the page perfectly and kept the translucence.pic 9 Step 7

I randomly stamped some stamps on my page using stayz on ink. I also spritzed on some pearl glimmer mist which you can just about make out in the image below. I had to heat set this as the water based spray wanted to bead up and sit on top of the oil pastels.

Note: Usually when you heat set oil pastels the oil sinks into the paper and you can work on top of them without this problem. However because I put gesso under mine the oil could not sink in. But when I heat set the spray it gets ‘sealed’ in by the oil when it melts and sets again.pic 10 Step 8

I stamped a sentiment onto some canvas paper. I used watercolours to colour this to match my page.pic 11 Step 9

I stamped some splatters over the sentiment, but stamped off most of the ink on a scrap of paper first as I wanted a very faint effect.pic 12 Step 10

I cut my sentiment out and distressed up the edges a lot!pic 13 Step 11

I backed my sentiment onto a piece of black card torn down to size. I stamped some tickets and used watercolours to match the colour to the page and then distress them further.pic 14And there you have it, my complete page. The image below shows the full page, but the colours are a bit off. My light box doesn’t fit my journal so I have to try to improvise on the photos of it and this one was a bit hard to capture!

I love the look that the beeswax element gives on the page, it allows all the colour and texture to come through and seems to have captured the bird on branch in the middle of it!


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Senior Mixed Media Layout – Abby Henderson

Hi all, we have Abby back with us today sharing a fantastic Senior Mixed Media Layout!

What you will need:

  • Chipboard
  • Sprays/Glimmer Mists (colors of your choice)
  • Cardstock-patterned paper
  • India Ink (I used black)
  • Distress Tool
  • Distress Ink
  • Crackle Accents
  • Nail file or sandpaper
  • Ribbons/Trims of your choice
  • Graduation themed embellishments
  • Flower Die-Banner Die
  • Adhesive of your choice
  • Additional embellishments of your choice

This is a mixed media layout I designed and created for my son who is graduating this year. I incorporated parts of his actual announcements to make it more personal. This is a great décor item that will be used at his graduation party.

Step 1

I pulled together all of the items I wanted to use for this project.

Step 1

Step 2

Next I cut my papers to the desired size and used my distress tool to rough up the edges a bit.

Step 2 Pic 1Next I used some sprays and inked up the edges.

Step 2 Pic 2 Step 2 Pic 3

Lastly I used some India Ink to create a splatter effect. I used the dropper to place it on the page then blew gently into a straw to make the ink spread out.

Step 2 Pic 4

Step 3

I cut out my banner strips that I wanted to use as accents around my son’s photo. I used a nail file to add more distress to the banners.

Step 3 Pic 1

Step 4

I used some Crackle Accents on the letters for my son’s name. I thought this would give them a cool look and add some visual interest & texture to the letters.

Step 4

Once all of my sprayed and inked pages were dry, I began assembling the various elements listed above onto the chipboard. This is where creative play comes in, my favorite part. This is not only a great way to commemorate my son graduating high school but I’ve also created a home décor piece that will double as his party decoration as well.

You can see detailed pictures of the completed project below….

Final Pic 1 Final Pic 2 Final Pic 3 Final Pic 4 Final Pic 5 Final Pic 6

We love this stunning layout from Abby and think it is a beautiful way to commemorate her sons graduation!

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Love Book Canvas

Hi All,

Nicole here today to share a fun little canvas I made with you all. It has lots of texture and dimension but it is very simple to put together.

What you will need:

  • Canvas
  • Paint
  • Background stamps
  • Adhesive and foam squares/tape
  • Gel medium or similar
  • Crackle paint
  • Embellishments

Step 1:

Paint your canvas. I used a small 15cm x 15cm canvas. It cost me €2 in a Tiger store! I used a copped colour paint and gave it two coats to make sure all the white was covered. Make sure to paint right around the edges also.

pic 1 pic 2

Step 2:

Using a script background stamp I stamped all around the edges of the canvas. I didn’t worry about the middle as I knew it wouldn’t be seen.pic 3

Step 3:

I cut out some old book pages. I cut them down to recreate a double page spread on my canvas. I left the inside edges perfectly straight but the outer edges I tore up to give an uneven look. I inked the pages up to distress and age  them more.pic 4 pic 5

Step 4:

I applied a coat of gel medium on the back of what will be my bottom 4 pages on each side. I did not ink the back sides as you won’t see them. The gel medium just adds some rigidity to the pages for when they are on the canvas. You can see these pages in the image on the left below. On the right of the image are my two top pages. These will be the first pages on my ‘book’. I applied a coat of clear rock candy crackle paint on these to really distress them up even more.pic 6

Step 5:

I glued my first pair of pages onto the canvas. I found the center point of the canvas and used this as a guide for the straight edge of my book pages. I only glued down the center of the pages and left the outside edges to curl naturally.

pic 7

To keep this curl and dimension I added some very thick foam pads….pic 8

Step 6:

I then layered the rest of my pages over these first ones. I again only glued the centers down and left the edges loose to curl naturally.pic 9 pic 10

Step 7:

I used some chipboard shapes for embellishments on my canvas. I inked these up using distress inks and then applied a layer of the clear rock candy crackle paint over them to give a more aged look again. I adhered these across my faux book using the same high foam pads and had fun layering them over one another. I doubled the foam pads on the bird so that it would sit above the branch and to allow for the difference in height on my canvas from the center of the faux book pages and to the edges.pic 11

I also added some scrabble tile letters that I inked to age further. You can see the crackle and aging on the paper quite well in the image below.pic 12

And here it is all completed. I wanted it to look like an old book on a canvas and nice muted aged colours.

complete 1 complete 2,

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Love Themed Journal Page

Hi all,

Nicole here with you today to share a journal page I had fun working on. This page all started with a piece of patterned overlay. I was inspired to use it on a double page spread and this is what happened!

What you will need:

  • Journal or watercolour paper
  • Paints – I used a blue shimmer paint and also some Luminart Primary Elements pigments. You could use any paints or inks for this depending on what you want your background to be like
  • Paint brushes, water
  • Strong adhesive
  • Elements to embellish the page with
  • Stencil and background stamps

Step 1

I started by putting down a thin layer of gesso on my pages to strengthen it up a bit. Once this was dry I started with a wash of blue paint. You can see in my image below I just put some paint from the tube directly on the page and then with a wet paintbrush blended it out.

pic 1

The Luminart pigments I used have a fantastic shimmer to them. They are in powder form and you have to mix them to get your paint. It is a few extra steps but I love the effect they give so I think its worth it! I tried to blend my colours together, building them up a few layers to get some really nice colour.pic 2a Step 2

When happy with the painted background stamp on your background stamp. I used a script stamp and teal stays on ink. I inked up the stamp, stamped it off on a scrap of paper and then onto the journal page. This gave me a more subtle stamping.pic 3 pic 4 You can see the stamping up close here but also the gorgeous effect the paints give in real life – this is probably the most true to colour picture I could get!pic 5 Step 3

Lay down your stencil and ink through it. I used peacock feathers distress ink. If you wanted to do any more painting or colouring at this stage you would need to use a more permanent ink than distress ink, as this will react with water or water based items. I was happy to go ahead and use it though!

pic 6 pic 7 I really love how the colour of this came out over the paints….pic 8 Step 4

Gather some embellishments for your page. I stamped out a bunch of flowers that I coloured with inktense pencils and added some shimmer to with a wash of the luminart pigments again.  I then cut them out to use on the page. pic 9 I also gathered a few other elements and placed them on the page, moving things around until I had a layout I thought I liked. The blue overlay in the centre is the item that set me off on this entire page!pic 10

Step 5

For some of the elements on the page, such as the journaling cards, I gave them a light wash coat of the same paints used on the background page. This tied them into the page better, they were cream coloured before and that didn’t really work.

Step 6

For the overlay, because it was so delicate I was afraid it would not hold up to being folded in half and opened and closed all the time. So I used my guillotine to cut it in half. I was then able to glue it down on each side and avoid the seam in the middle. The gap is not that noticeable and at least I am happy it will stay intact this way!

You can see the shimmer on the pages in the completed image below….

finished 1

Up close of the left page. I only stuck the elements down in the middle of them so that I could lift the edges for some dimension….finished 2

Close up of the right side page….finished 3


I hope you enjoyed this post on creating a simple page without the need for many supplies!

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Easy Mixed Media Tag

Hi All,

Nicole here today to share a how to of a mixed media tag I made. I know a lot of people love this style but feel that they won’t be able to do it. I wanted to show you how easy it is to put together a mixed media piece. Apologies in advance for all the photos, but I wanted to make sure to illustrate every stage!

What you will need:

  • Paint or inks
  • Tag cut from card stock or heavy water colour paper
  • Oil pastels/crayons/paint etc – I used water soluble oil pastels but you could use any colouring meduim
  • Paint brush
  • Glimmer mists or sprays
  • Pallet knife or old credit card
  • Stencils
  • Book paper (you can also use magazines)
  • Embellishments
  • Glue – gel medium is great
  • Texture paste/embossing paste
  • Craft sheet – this will get messy
  • Gloves if you don’t like your hands getting messy!
  • Anything else on your craft desk you think you may like to throw on your tag!

Step 1

I used my oil pastels to scribble colour in different shades on my tag base. I then blended this with water and heat set it in order to sink the oil into the paper. You could paint, ink etc at this stage. I like the oils as once they are heat set they don’t move, smear or bleed colour again.

pic 1 pic 2 pic 3 pic 4

Step 2

Rip up some book or magazine paper. Using gel medium glue the scraps down randomly. Seal over the top of them too with the gel medium.pic 5

Step 3

Dilute some acrylic paint – I used white. Use a paint brush to paint this onto the top of the tag and hold the tag upright over your craft sheet to let the paint bleed downwards.pic 6

Step 4

I used a mask and placed it on the tag and spritzed over it using Glimmer Mist. You could use more than one mask at this stage if you liked.pic 7

Step 5

On a plastic surface I put down some white texture paste. I then added a few drops of turquoise ink from a Dylusions bottle to tint the paste. I then used this paste on my stencil. Its a bubbles stencil from Studio Calico.

pic 8 pic 9

I also use a little hexagon stencil I made myself using some stencil plastic and a die. I stenciled through this stencil using some of the tinted paste and some of the natural white paste too.pic 10

Step 6

I used a pallet knife to smear some of the paste on the bottom right corner of the tag, leaving it very textured looking. I also added some on the middle left of the tag.pic 11

Step 7

Into these sections of texture paste I pressed in some chipboard shapes – cogs and stars. As the paste dries it keeps the shapes stuck in it as if glued in.pic 12

Step 8

I had planned on keeping the shapes natural chipboard but decided to paint them using Distress Ink in Antiqued Bronze.pic 13

Step 9

I used some watered down Antiqued Bronze distress stain to add some bronze drips down the tag also.pic 14

Step 10

Now came the embellishing stage! I stapled on a strip of washi tape and layered on some tickets, stamps and a chipboard shape with printed text added to it. Everything was aged with distress inks or the bronze distress ink.pic 15

I also randomly stamped some hexes onto the tag to mimic the hex stenciling.pic 16

Here you can see a close up of the embellishments all added on….

close up 2

And the completed tag….tag completeI hope you enjoyed seeing this process and that you will give it a go – just relax and have fun with it!!

Happy Crafting!


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The love of Purple – Altered Canvas – Abby Henderson

Hi everyone,

Today we are back with a mixed media canvas tutorial by Abby.

Abby says:

“This is a mixed media canvas that not only represents the color I love most, purple, but it also showcases some products from companies that I love and use in my daily crafting along with some of my favorite techniques and textures. “

What you will need:

  • Burlap Canvas
  • Sprays/Glimmer Mists (colors of your choice)
  • Embossing Powder/Perfect Medium
  • Flower Soft
  • Distress Tool
  • Ribbons/Trims of your choice
  • Letters (I used a die but any type will work)
  • Flowers
  • Adhesive of your choice
  • Additional embellishments of your choice

Step 1

Spray your burlap canvas with your choice of sprays in the colors you’ve chosen.

Step 1

Step 2

Next I cut my letters and used some clear embossing on them to give them a glossy look. I then took a doodling pen to outline the letters.

Step 2 Pic 1

Step 2 Pic 2

Step 2 Pic 3

Step 3

I had a stenciled image left over from another project so I used my distress tool to fray the edges a bit.

Step 3 Pic 1

Step 3 Pic 2

Step 4

I wanted to create lots of texture on this heart tin so I covered it with Perfect Medium, then sprinkled it with a mixture of clear embossing powder and some Magicals from Lindys Stamp Gang.

Step 4 Pic 1

Step 4 Pic 2

Step 5

To give the wooden letter “P” some added texture, I covered it with some adhesive and covered it with the flower soft.

Step 5 Pic 1

Once all the items listed above were dry and ready to use, I began creating the layers for my canvas. This is where creative play comes in, my favorite part. I used some jute ribbon to create a hanger for the canvas. This is not only a way to showcase my favorite color, it’s also a great way to show all the techniques and products that I love most as a decorative display in my craft room.

Final Pic 1

Final Pic 6

Final Pic 2

Final Pic 3

Final Pic 4

We hope you are inspired by this great mixed media tutorial,

Crafting Ireland Team

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Guest Post & Challenge: Mixed Media Place

Hi All,
Today we have a special guest post from a design team member over at Mixed Media Place. Today Kasia Krzymińska is here to share a fantastic tutorial and a little challenge with you all.
mmp logo s
Hello! Kasia Krzymińska here to share wih you a very easy mixed-media technique. I will show you how to prepare a handmade bookmark that can be a nice Holiday gift for someone who likes reading books.
The first step is to cut out the base from craft paper and prepare your favorite supplies. Please, try to be as creative as you can and use things like postcards, flyers and pages from magazines.
I created a very simple background using pieces of papers and lace. Then I covered everything with a thin layer of white acrylic paint.
The next step (and my favorite to be honest) is adding some colours to our work! I used Silks that you can find in Mixed Media Place store in a wide colour palette. I painted with my fingers as you can see on the picture below. And I can tell you one thing – this is the best way to work with Silks I know, you need to try this 🙂 I just mixed few pink colours on directly my work.

Then I added some doodling, text from a magazine and splashes of Glimmer Glam.

So here is the challenge for you:

1. Create a bookmark
2. Use at least one type of paint on it
3. Use a page or an image from a magazine

I hope you like it as much as I liked creating something especially for you. I just want to say that it is a huge pleasure and big honour for me to be here with you today. Thank you for being inspiring and can’t wait to see your challenge works 🙂

There is a fantastic prize of some papers and stamps up for grabs. Entries can be added by being linked in the comments on this post by the 23rd of December! You can link from a blog, Facebook page, photo gallery etc.

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