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DIY Ombre Lampshade – Timi Konya

Hi everyone,

It is Timi here today and I will share a quick idea. I am trying to refresh our place at the moment and I came across some ombre home decor ideas that I really liked. I wanted to create something that would coordinate nicely with my current colour scheme. And since we live in a rented apartment I had no intention to spend a fortune on anything.

What you will need:

Regolit lamp shade from IKEA

acrylic paint in your chosen colours

soft brush



Step 1

Take the lampshade out of the packaging. Assemble it as per instructions.


Step 2

I used two shades of turquoise and water them down a bit.  Start with the darker colour.  Apply the paint in concentric circles. When you think you would like to start applying lighter colour, add more water to the paint.


Step 3

If you are using two colours like I did, when you are changing the colour make sure that you blend the two colours together. I wanted my lamp to be dark on the bottom and light on the top, but it could be the other way around too.


Tip: Use a very soft brush and dry the lampshade using a heat tool. Since this shade is made form rice paper it gets very soft and easy to tear when when.



The whole project cost me €2.50, that was the price of the lamp shade.

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