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Product review: Portfolio Series Water Soluble Oil Pastels

I recently came across this product and thought it sounded too good to be true. However a very forgiving price made me buy a pack to try out. At £14.95 they were about €18. This was a very decent price for a pack of 24 colours!

The box they come in is very clever and a handy way to store them.

I used to use oil pastels a lot back in my traditional art days.  I love how smooth they are to draw and colour with and love the texture. However I hate the mess they can leave. Oil pastels are obviously oil based. The oil in them never completely  dries so anything done with oils can be difficult to fix and preserve.

So what makes these pastels so special?
Well these pastels can be used as traditional pastels. Or you can use water to blend or wash the colour out. If you combine this with a fantastic range of colours that comes in the pack you have a very fun and versatile product.

To see how easy and versatile they are to work with check out page 16 of Issue 9! Below are some of the samples of what you can do with them….

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