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Hi all!

You know we love doing recaps on what our team has been up to and showing off their super talents. Since this is the last time we get to do so we decided to do it a little bit differently. We asked the team to pick one project that was their favorite out of all the projects they worked on in their time on the team. It is a big ask to limit it down to one project but some of our team gave it a shot and some we had to pick for them! So here it is, our final design team shout out….

Aideen –

YouTube channel

Aideen has such a fun style and personality, she is quirky and unique and loves a creative project. What could be more creative than turning an Impala head into a beautiful piece of art? She feels the piece she loved working on the most was turning this from this…

project 1

To this…..

project 8

We love the unexpectedness of this piece, it is so fun yet classy! You can see the complete tutorial for it HERE. Thank you Aideen, your projects have been amazing and we have loved working with you!

Abby –

Youtube channel

Abby always has gorgeous creations on her blog and these is in big demand on design teams. She has a gorgeous shabby chic style and we love her love for the colour purple! One of our favorite projects from Abby was this stunning muslin gift bags. It was such a simple yet stunning way to present a gift card to someone! You can see the full creative process for this bag HERE. Thank you Abby, we love your creative works!

Final Pic 1


Andrea –

Tutorial inspiration pages here.

Andrea is on the Sizzix Blog design team and she has such a fantastic eye for colour and detail. We love her style and how she uses those dies! This mixed media layers layout really showcases her eye for colour and pattern and it is one of our favorite creations of hers. You can see how she created it HERE. Thank you Andrea, your colour use has been inspiring!


Katya –

Facebook page here.

Katya has a beautiful way of mixing colours, patterns and papers into wonderful creations. She really takes papers and brings out the best in them and creates beautiful and unique things with them! This super adorable envelope mini album is a lovely example of her work, it is such a cute and whimsical creation. You can see how she created this HERE. Thank you for all your projects Katya, you have been inspiring!


We hope you enjoyed this look at what the team enjoyed working on the most while here. We are sure that you will agree they are super talented ladies and we wish them all the best in all their future crafting endeavors. Thank you all ladies, it has been so fun!!

Happy Crafting,

The Crafting Ireland Team.

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